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Balancing on a Tightrope

  Tonight’s devotion time with Kayla was special to me.  Not because we were talking about some issue she has been having or because she fell repentant for every naughty thing she has ever done.  Tonight we actually had a … Continue reading

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Laundry Thoughts

Kayla and I had an interesting conversation the other day.  It went like this. Me: Kayla, come put away your clean clothes. K: Ugh! Why are all my clothes inside out when you give them back to me after you … Continue reading

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Handmade with Heart – Dishcloths

My mom gave me the sweetest gift when we were at her house last week.  She gave me a set of dishcloths.  They are beautiful and I was tempted to not even use them.  I decided to go ahead and … Continue reading

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Funnies from CA

We had a great time on our first trip to California!  Lots of funnies happen when you get the family together. Thanks Nana, Papa, and Aunt Katy for hosting us! Kayla looks like some character from the Super Mario World! … Continue reading

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I cried in Walmart

These girls have a bond that is deeper than I will ever understand.  I am so thankful for our big girl Kayla.  She is the extra hands I have prayed for, the apple of Bekah’s eye, and an unbelievably unselfish … Continue reading

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The Star of the Veggie Box (Cheesy Corn Pudding)

During the Spring and Summer months, I purchase a produce box from a local farm.  They have put together a CSA (community supported agriculture) group of people who are interested in local and organic foods that are in season.  To … Continue reading

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Forgiveness, Friends, Fruitfulness

While there are some days where I jump right out of bed and grab a cup of coffee on my way to the shower. It seem like more often, lately, I have been stumbling around just trying to find the … Continue reading

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With just a little yellow…

I am always amazed on September 30th.  It is not a national holiday.  It is not anyone’s birthday.  The date never even held significance for me until a few years ago. September 30th is Microcephaly Awareness Day.  This date is … Continue reading

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