I cried in Walmart

These girls have a bond that is deeper than I will ever understand.  I am so thankful for our big girl Kayla.  She is the extra hands I have prayed for, the apple of Bekah’s eye, and an unbelievably unselfish girl.  I stop and watch, every so often, the two of them “talk”.  It’s something quite amazing.  Kayla takes Bekah’s hand and just talks with her…going along as if Bekah were talking right back.

On this trip to Walmart, Kayla was pointing out all the interesting colors and shapes of the fish.  Bekah was just grinning and soaking it all in.  The best part is that this flows out of deep love and commitment, not some duty or chore.

Kayla has had to grow up too fast in some areas in her life.  She’s had to endure neurology appointments, swallow studies, and hours in the car going back and forth to therapies.  But yet, I see how she adores her sister and her sister adores her right back.

Thank you Lord for giving us our two girls.  Thank you for linking them together for life.  I pray that you will protect this bond.  May Kayla run to You when she needs a confidant, a strong tower, and a new portion of light.

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3 Responses to I cried in Walmart

  1. Cindy Felix says:

    Oh how incredibly precious! The Lord made Rebekah just his He wanted her to be. – not because we would understand or think it was fair but because of His revine purpose and He placed her exactly where He intended her to be!


  2. Cindy Felix says:

    That was to say devine purpose! I love all of you so much!

  3. karen dingler says:

    Valerie – so beautifully said. You have 2 precious girls both gifts from God. I have always said that God gives special children to special people. Bekka and your family are such proof of that. May God continue to bless you and Chris as you raise and care for His precious gifts to you

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