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Behind the Scenes

Album: My Paper Heart Artist: Francesca Battistelli You may think I’m just fine How could anything Ever be out of line? I take my time To set the stage To make sure everything Is all in place Even though I’ve … Continue reading

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The shop opened early today

Wow, the clock reads 2:17.  That’s early!  Rebekah had a hard day today.  The crowning moment for me was when I dropped a freshly buttered piece of bread on her head.  You may be asking how that is possible.  Well, … Continue reading

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The Red Porsche

So, I take my daughter to school at 9 am every day.  (Alright, not every day – she doesn’t go to school on Fridays and Chris drives her when Bekah and I have had an especially hard night.)  I started noticing … Continue reading

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Best Brownies

I had to have something chocolately on this very cold and snowy night, so I went on and found this recipe.  So Yummy the name says it all! 1/2 cup butter 1 cup white sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla … Continue reading

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