The Red Porsche

So, I take my daughter to school at 9 am every day.  (Alright, not every day – she doesn’t go to school on Fridays and Chris drives her when Bekah and I have had an especially hard night.)  I started noticing it sometime last Fall.  It always rolls around the corner about the same time I am pulling out on to the main road.

For some reason it holds a power over me.  I guess growing up in the 80’s, I had an idea of someone who would own a porsche.  Even now, you don’t see them every day.  It is like that special purse you take out on a date that you actually get to have a babysitter!  I have tried several times to see the person on the inside.  Never have I been able to see the person.  I can’t even tell if it is a man or woman.  I am kind of thankful for this because seeing the person might just blow the mystic of it all.

On the rest of our journey to school (only about 3 more minutes) I daydream about where the porsche is going, where they went to school, what important meetings they will be handling, what does the person do that they get to drive such a fantastic car, do they have a family and children, even about how old they are.  Yep, I am wondering if someone my age could be driving that porsche to work instead of driving their preschooler to school.

After pulling into car line, I realize my high calling.  My calling to be a mother to the two greatest girls on this planet.  My calling to drive a black jeep (an awesome car if I must say so!) to car line every day (we already covered this) and pray for my 4 year old as she walks into school holding her teacher’s hand.  I have a very hard job, long hours, dirty work conditions, high stress, and a $0 paycheck!  But I wouldn’t swap one day of it to drive that red porsche.

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