About Me

My relationship with Jesus Christ means more to me in each passing day.  I am so thankful to be covered by grace, wrapped in love, and secure for eternity.

I am married to the hunkiest, most wonderful man on the planet.  Together, we are doing our best to honor God through our worship, family, and friends.  We talk about everything and laugh often.  This man is a blessing to walk this Earth with.

I have the privilege of staying home with my two beautiful girls. Kayla is seven and works very hard as we homeschool through the second grade.  Rebekah is four and attends the local elementary school for special needs pre-k.  She keeps the busiest schedule of us all.  While she has decided that four year olds no longer need naps, I am discovering that 38 year olds most definitely do!  These girls have taught me so much about love and about myself.

I love writing (some of it ends up on threeoclockshop), eating dark chocolate, and relaxing with a nice hot cup of coffee.  I hate talking on the phone, dusting, and filling out paperwork.

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