Bekah is headed in to see the surgeon on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014.

Last summer, we began seeing an Orthopedic doctor. As they watched her hips, it became clear to them that surgery would be necessary for our girl. This was not news we wanted to hear! The way Bekah’s muscles are pulling, they are actually causing her hips to come out of the joint. From what the orthopedic doctor tells us and what we have read on-line, this can be a very painful condition.

This is Bekah’s x-ray. Her left hip is the worst. It was 50% dislocated at Christmas time. You can see the pen mark that the doctor made showing the ball of the femur and how far it is out of the socket.

The surgeon will be doing a double osteotomy (both hips) and a de-rotation of the femurs. He will take bone from the femur and repair the hip joint. Then, he will rotate the femurs so that the leg muscles will pull the bone into the socket instead of out of socket.

We know very little about Bekah’s recovery. She will be in a spica cast (chest to toes with a bar separating her legs) for 6-8 weeks — depending on how she heals. We will go for a check up after two weeks so that the doctors can track her progress. I am thinking since we will be smack in the middle of Georgia summer, we will mostly be at home and inside. I’ve already made several friends promise that they will come keep me company! Once Bekah is home and on the mend, we will know more about her needs and what the weeks will hold for her and our family.

Thank you so much for all your generous offers of help and support. We know that Bekah’s ministry is expanding and that God has her in the palm of His mighty hand. Would you pray with us through this part of the journey?

I would ask you to pray for:

  • her surgeon and nursing staff in the hospital.
  • Bekahs body to stay clear of infection.
  • Kayla’s heart as a big sister and chief playmate.
  • Chris and me to stay healthy and strong.
  • swift recovery and good results from the surgery.

If anyone is wanting more information, I found this really great brochure by Children’s Hospital Boston. Lots of info there! We’ll be checking in here and on Facebook often and appreciate the support system the Lord has given us!

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