Spring is Coming!

I have had this clematis for about 5 years.  Even though the Spring Equinox was a couple of weeks back, the blooming of this plant signals to start of Spring for me.  I am just a the edge of my seat waiting for the buds to burst open.  There are two shades of purple planted together and they make lovely harmony on the trellis.  I have a few friends who also grow clematis and we talk about them together and show off our pictures to each other.  I will be watching to see who’s bloom first.  The trellis is heavy with buds  and I can’t believe that the last couple days of sunshine have not produced flowers.

I can’t wait to add a picture of the first opened bloom!



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One Response to Spring is Coming!

  1. Tricia says:

    I am now sitting on the edge of my seat to see who’s blooms first too! :)

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