It’s a Barbie world!

And just like that we entered the world of Barbie…  We had been holding off letting Kayla get Babies to play with.  There are so many other toys that she has and enjoys that we wanted her to “use them up” before we moved on to Barbies.  I know many older girls (who will remain nameless) who are well into middle school that still play with Barbies.  We thought that if we go ahead and keep her in My Little Ponies, Little People, Polly Pocket, etc. then we could save the Barbies for later.

Kayla’s wish for Barbies came true as she started opening her first gift at her party.  She tore back the paper and saw the logo.  I was standing next to her and her jaw dropped as she sheepishly looked up at me as if to ask if I was going to let her have the new doll.  I gave her an excited grin and she knew that the Barbie door had opened to her!  One of her little boy friends got her the mermaid Barbie because Kayla had a swim party.  Another little boy gave her a Mulan doll.  She also got this cute party dress Barbie.  They, of course, all share a closet and most often are too hot to have any clothes on.

She does still play with the other toys too.  The Polly Pockets have become the Barbie’s babies.  The ponies all live together on Barbie’s ranch.  We even found some really cute Barbie clothes at a garage sale.

I don’t remember really playing with Barbies.  I do remember wanting a cabbage patch doll very badly.  I had a doll with silky hair that I used to practice braiding until I was able to braid my own down my back.  I played school A LOT – – maybe that fed my administrative personality.  I am wondering what Kayla will remember as highlights of her toys.  She would very much rather that you sit there and watch her play than play alone.  I say “watch her play” because when you try to play with her, she orchestrates the whole thing.  Hmmmm – another administrative personality perhaps?

My earliest memory of toys is from the farmhouse.  There was a toy room connected to one of the bathrooms downstairs.  I remember sitting on the potty trying to peep through the keyhole to see if my toys were in the toy room playing without me.   I had this notion that the toys came alive if they were left alone.  Probably something my older sisters told me!

I can’t wait for Rebekah to be able to play with Kayla.  Right now she loves to watch Kayla play  – – really anything involving Kayla has become the BEST!  I am so proud of Kayla and her patience with Rebekah.  She even lets her borrow some toys every now and then.  Bekah has been known to give a pony a good mouth bath or hug a baby for a good long time.

I’d love to hear any stories or advice as we travel into this new world of high heels and up-dos.  Hooray!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    OH i remember Baribies! I wasn’t “allowed” to play with them until I turned 6…I remember getting all the stuff, dressing her up, we even got a little kit that taught you how to “hand crochet” your own clothes for her. But I never really enjoyed “playing Barbie”… My friends always madde them dramatic “I’m running away from home” and I wanted my Barbies to be happy.I don’t have much advice, seeing as Anna is only 4 but I’m sure barbies aren’t far away for her either! Good luck keeping up with all the shoes!

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