Has anyone seen my baby?

Yep, it’s happened.  People warned me that if I blinked, my baby would be gone in a flash.  And, sure enough, Kayla is turning five today.    I have immensely enjoyed the last five years that God has given me to spend with this bright, talented, and loving little girl.  She makes me feel special and I can’t get enough of those eyes.  Kayla, I pray this year will be one full of fun, special memories, family gatherings, and new friends.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

K ind  ~She has recently started exhibiting a care and compassion for others.  She wants them to be included and is hurt when others experience pain or disappointment.

A rtist  ~Kayla could sit and draw all day long.  She is good too!

Y eah Baby! or Hall-e-YOO-YA~ is an expression you will hear quite often from her when there simply are no other words to say!

L oyal  ~She is a total daddy’s girl, is her sister’s best friend, and still wants to marry her boyfriend from 2 year preschool.

A ctress ~We have very specific scripts we have to follow during some play sessions.

J umps at the chance to be a good friend

O utgoing ~she makes friends so easily

E njoys life

L earner

L oves her sister

E xuberant

W ears “band AGE s” with every little boo-boo.  Right now we have rainbow, Hello Kitty, and Elmo.

H elper

E xibits a tender heart

E njoys the morning

L ip stick is her new best friend

E chos the sounds of life

R emembers well!  You should hear her recite scripture!

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2 Responses to Has anyone seen my baby?

  1. Valerie says:

    We had a terrific time at the mall on Saturday and are still celebrating her special #5 with a party this weekend!

  2. Chad says:

    She’s a very pretty little girl. Happy birthday!

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