33 months (ish)

Ok, so the idea for this blog came from www.dayzeroproject.com.  It’s an okay website, but I decided to move my list over to my blog.  I think I will keep better track of it here.  The concept is to complete 101 things in 1001 days.  That is 33 months (ish) – not quite 3 years.  Now that I think about it, that seems like such a long time.  By the time this is finished I will be 38 years old, Kayla will be 8 years old, and Bekah will be almost 5 years old.  Oh – my – goodness!!   Now that I have looked over my list I don’t think I have stretched myself enough.  I will go back through at another time, remembering the time framework, and re-work things.  Will you join me?  What do you want to accomplish in three years?

I always had some idea of a goal of where I want to end up in life – – physically, emotionally, spiritually, monetarily, so on…  Since being a bit of an “insider” in Awana, I have dabbled in the book Modern Day Joseph. This book encourages you to have a goal (check), but not to stop there.  We must also plan the steps that are going to get you there.  So many times parents say, “I don’t understand what happened.  We thougth she was a good girl!”  To look short term and evaluate what path you are taking on your journey.  To do this especially when guiding your children to a certain end.  I want so many things for my girls!  What are the daily steps that I need to take to get them to the point that they need to be in order to turn out

1- Build a snowman each time it snows (If there is enough snow on the ground – – here in GA, that’s iffy.)

2- Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

3- Buy something from Etsy

4- Ride on a tire swing

5- Go horseback riding

6- Assemble a first aid kit to keep in the car

7- Paint the living room (x)

8- Attend a Murder Mystery

9- Create or go on a scavenger hunt

10- Sew a dress

11- Attend a rally for a cause I really care about

12- Identify 100 things that make me happy

13- Learn a new poem by heart

14- Watch 26 movies you I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (0/26)

15- Go for a walk once a week

16- Learn a song on guitar

17- Don’t use the Internet for 10 days

18- Make a serious attempt at recycling (x)

19- Seriously work on concepts for special needs children’s book

20- Volunteer

21- Do some sort of fasting once a quarter

22- Take a cooking class

23- Go to a Bon Jovi concert

24- Visit the High Museum of Art

25- Plant a blueberry bush in the yard

26- Get my first aid certification again

27- Participate in a cookie exchange


29- Teach my daughter to read

30- Have a vision test

31- Become more confident with the guns

32- Enjoy the outside more

33- Work harder at making my husband laugh

34- Clean out my closet

35- Clean out the girls closet

36- Invest in my girlfriends

37- Finish Bekah’s helper book

38- Bake bread from scratch

39- Dye my hair (or part of) an outrageous color

40- Paint the laundry room

41- Carve my name on a tree

42- Buy a little black dress

43- Host 33 dinner guests (1/month) (5/33)

44- Memorize 33 scriptures (1/month) (0/33)

45- Influence a person to make a day zero list (x)

46- Tie a note to a balloon and let it go

47- Eliminate non-fitting clothing from my wardrobe

48- Not log into facebook for a whole week

49- Read through the Bible

50- Eat a meal inside a blanket fort

51- Read 15 books (0/15)

52- Build a Sand Castle

53- Teach Rebekah to sit up

54- Save money on groceries every time I go (x)

55- Find Kayla’s niche in drama/art and foster that

56- Teach Kayla to tie her shoes

57- Make a decision about Kayla’s schooling (x) Homeschooling it is!

58- Buy more locally grown produce

59- Celebrate the small things

60- Make a birthday cake for someone other than my immediate family

61- Get furniture out of storage and sold

62- Sell kids clothing that is too small

63- Be a better example to my daughters in prayer

64- Ask Chris for prayer requests and diligently pray for them

65- Grow vegetables with Kayla

66- Take Kayla to the beach

67- Hang Rebekah’s wall art (x)  It is beautiful, thanks Aunt Liana!

68- Quilt something by hand

69- Get Bekah sleeping in her own bed

70- Fly a kite with Kayla

71- Dance with Kayla whenever she asks

72- Finish creating this list by 5/21/10

73- Track my progress once a month (1/33)

74- Start a feeding journal for Bekah

75- Help Chris meet 5 personal goals (0/5)

76- Blog monthly

77- Send hand written thank you notes

78- Re-plant around the mailbox

79- Hold 10 in home spas (0/10)

80- Try out for music team at church

81- Hang curtains in the kitchen (x)

82- Go on a sisters outing

83- Teach Kayla to tell time by 8/2010

84- Organize this list into monthly and weekly tasks for easy checkups

85- Clean my makeup brushes once a month (0/33)

86- Get dead bolts for the basement door

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