Let each esteem others better than themselves

This weekend was the Arts and Crafts show at Paulding Meadows. We planned to meet our friend there and as I was getting ready I realized that Kayla was going to want to buy something. I pulled her piggy bank off our dresser and emptied out $10 in quarters. I had her get a purse to put it in and she beamed a “Good Idea!” at me. She said “I can give this money to the people at Paulding Meadows.” I asked her what she was going to give it to the people there for. “Just for being there for me”, she said. So I asked her what she might get with her money. “I am going to get a sparkly pony for Mrs. Kelly, and a sparkly car for Papa George and Papa Tony.”

This sweet girl gave no thought to herself. She was set to buy something for someone else. What a lesson I learned this morning! Thank you Kayla
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