Burning Bushes

So yesterday started out like any other. I had gotten up and showered before taking Kayla to preschool. I headed back home to get ready for Rebekah’s physical therapy session and six month review from Babies Can’t Wait.

I discovered that Rebekah loves music, so I try to keep it playing in the car. I chose to listen to Andy Gullahorn. He’s definitely a favorite of mine, but I don’t listen to him very often. He is a very “real” musician…writing his own stuff and has a folk style of relaying his music. I have heard the songs on his album over and over, but really listened to one this morning.
He asks if we are looking to heaven for a miracle while all along we are walking through a garden full of 1,000 burning bushes. It struck me once again that there are miracles all around me happening every day in my life, in my family, and in the lives of everyone that I encounter. And yet, I rarely slow down from my rush-around-to-the-next-thing life.
I usually pride myself in a clean, well-kept home, happy children, and a short to-do list. I am now determined to get my head down out of the sky and focus on these burning bushes all around me. My life’s direction has been changed several times and each time it feels a little like stretching. Thank you Lord for this growth time and stretching me to be more in the image of your Son.
Where have you been stretched today? Do you desire stretching in your life?
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