All the Gory Details – Bekah’s surgery and the chaos that followed.

Feeding issues had come to the point in our family where we were struggling more and more.  With Rebekah still only eating pureed foods (basically stage 2 baby food), being spoon fed by one of the two of us, only taking thickened liquids by bottle, refusing to take a bottle from anyone but my, and only using a sucking motion to eat, we decided it was best to have a G-Tube placed.

This was going to help us in many ways.  Here are a few:

  • It would eliminate the need to suck a bottle (most children leave this skill and move on to chewing and sipping).
  • We will be able to give her liquids away from home (Rebekah required a very specific routine for this at home).
  • Rebekah can now have water and other liquids to hydrate during times when it is very hot or when she is very sick (before we had to feed her liquids will a medicine syringe drops at a time).
  • We can hopefully pack in a few more calories for our little string bean too.

Rebekah was scheduled to have her G-Tube placed on December 14th.  Kayla was over the moon excited because she got to spend some time with the Durbins.  They so graciously took Kayla starting Thursday night and said she could stay as long as we needed her to stay.  Chris, Bekah and I arrived bright and early to the Day Surgery Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.  We got to talk with Dr. Meyers (Bekah’s GI), the nurses, and the anesthetist that morning one more time and ask any final questions.

Bekah’s surgery went well and her doctor gave us some pictures of the procedure.  So interesting to see the insides of her stomach and other areas.

Bekah in recovery after her surgery.  We stayed in the recovery room for what seems like forever.  They were waiting for a room to open up on the fourth floor.

They had the floor decorated for Christmas with a beach theme.

Dad makes me feel better!

The doctor and nurses wanted us to try a bolus feed before we left the hospital.  It DID NOT go well.  Man is she MAD!

Little one trying to figure out what is going on with her little body.

Hi Mama.

Home and trying to get better.

Swollen belly but healing.

Sweet flowers from the guys at SafeEyes.

Big sister is making things fun.

The start of Bekah’s infection.  You can see the red swollen bump beginning.

This recovery stuff is hard!

Marked the area to watch for spreading infection

You can see in her eyes that it’s just not going well.

Sweet friends provided several meals for us when we came home from the hospital.

Trying to stay busy with crafts and making it feel like Christmas for Kayla.

We got a sweet package from her teachers at school with all the December projects and crafts.  Santa’s face made her IV pole happy.

Oozing while healing

The best nurse.

Friends kept bringing surprises.

A lump was becoming apparent.  Below and to the right of the Gtube.

Mrs. Kelly and Kayla brought me a cute hat in the hospital.  How do you like it?

Christmas Eve.  We had been to the pediatrician’s office.  They looked at the lump and circled a new ring of red and a new ring of swelling.  They sent us home to watch.  If anything spread, we needed to head to the hospital.

Chris took us to IHoP for a Christmas Eve brunch.  This was a nice breath of “normal” in all of the crazy.

When we got home, the red spot on her lump had almost doubled.

Off to the hospital we go!

She had the doctor’s stumped.  When they pushed hard on the lump, she never cried.  They decided to do an barium study through her Gtube to make sure that a false track hadn’t formed and a pocket of formula was making the infection.  They also ordered an ultrasound to see if the lump was an abscess.

We felt relieved just being at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The Gtube track was fine and healing well.  The ultrasound reveield that the lump was an abscess that needed to be drained.  The ER doctor, the respiratory doctor and the respiratory nurse took care of Rebekah and drained the abscess. They cultured the abscess and sent it off for results.

Big love found some really cool masks while she and daddy walked around during Bekah’s procedure. (Any chance to “dress up”!)

Finally heading home.  I hope we beat Santa Clause to the house!

The doctor put a drain in the abscess so it could continue to drain and heal.

Christmas Day Dinner with the Durbins.

Bruised and Healing.

Can’t be sad with this one around!

The swelling is obviously going down.

Bekah’s formula and pump

Aunt Andrea sent Bekah a light box with accessories for part of her Christmas present.  Check out that smile!

Bekah’s pump came with a travel bag.

Can you relate?

Better every day.

Kayla had to go to the orthodontist, so we ended up at the mall in Douglasville for a little bit.  Kayla got a special treat and tried the trampoline for the first time.

Dad cleaning and dressing her wound.

My big celebration for New Year’s Day.

Kayla has needed some extra love and attention during all of this.  She’s been sad that we all sleep downstairs and she has to sleep upstairs “all by herself”.  She made a little bed for herself behind the couch and needed a snuggle.

Looking better.

My bowling ball from Aunt Andrea.

There has not been enough coffee.  Keep it coming!

Back at the GI doctor for a check.  He likes the Gtube but still not time for the drain to come out.

This leg of the journey has been a crazy one.  One that is so different from the one we had planned for and thought we were taking.  We are thankful for the Gtube and Bekah’s great doctors that have helped us along.

We have some amazing families that have surrounded us and continue to pray for Rebekah and our family.  Our Lord has been a constant strength and strong tower for us.  We thank Him for what He is doing in our family and in us personally.

Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart fail;
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

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