Kayla’s Christmas Acrostic

I printed off some really cool worksheets for Kayla to work on over the Christmas break.  She was so excited for them I had to let her start on a few yesterday.  I found this one and others at www.havefunteaching.com.  They have categories of worksheets that are free to download.

I was taken with how much fun Kayla had writing this acrostic.  Her little seven year old self comes out with a little flair and a little faith.  Enjoy!


It says:

Christ is born with holiday cheer.

Holiday cheer is much to hear.

Resting with snow falling down outside.

In the very bright sky is Saint Nicholas saying Hey!

Stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

T’was the night before Christmas, He was almost there.

Merry CHristmas! Merry Christmas! It is morning now.

A very nice night I had sleeping all night.

So God saved us all and then died on the cross.

Jesus is nice and loves us all.

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