The One

Do you have a favorite chair.  One that fits just right.  One that brings out the artist, reader, or writer in you?  One that holds you perfectly so you can stretch out, curl up, or even catch the perfect nap right there any time of day?

Have you ever been outside and there is a slight breeze?  You can hear that breeze rustling the leaves in the distance, and feel the breeze come across your back.  It makes you close your eyes, hold very still and drink the day in with your mind’s eye.

What is your perfect outfit?  The one that musters confidence, rallies boldness, oozes inner beauty.  When you put it on you feel great about yourself.  Like whatever came at you that day could not touch you or take you down.

All of these images come to mind when I think about the ONE God gave to me to spend the rest of my life with.  I feel at home whenever he’s near.  I feel prettier, smarter, more relaxed.  What a treasure to find the one person you were meant to be with!

BTW, there are seven hearts in this picture.  Can you find them?

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