This Summer, we were lucky enough to join a local group of people to support a farm that produces organic fruits and vgetables.  We recieved TONS of tomatoes!  Kayla does not like tomatoes and Chris and I could only eat so many.  So, a lot of them ended up here in my calphalon pot.  I now have lots of bags of tomato sauce ready for the winter.  All I have to do is pull out a bag, thaw, and add whatever spices I want to make the type of sauce I need.  I have a yellow tomato sauce, a purple tomato sauce, and of course lots of red.  I am thankful to have these resources put back for later.  The fresh taste will come shining through and the dollars will stay in our wallets!  If you have a chance and are interested in locally grown, organic fruits and veggies for your family, investigate your area for a farm to support.  If you are in my area, I would be glad to give you the information to help you get started!

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  1. Sasha Johns says:

    Yay for the CSA! I just froze a bunch of this weeks zucchini!

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