Rebekah Update 8/19/2010

Hello Loved Ones,

Our sweet Bekah is a trooper!  We have already had a BUSY week!  We are headed away for a little family vacation and I packed as much as I could into this week before.  Not a very bright idea in hind sight!

Monday was our PT with Mrs. Lydia.  Rebekah is progressing and still works very hard for all her therapists even though she is tired sometimes.  Sunday night  she was up quite a bit and with an upset stomach.  She still kept a good attitude and did everything Lydia pushed her to do.  We will do speech on Thursday, then it is two weeks off for therapy!

Tuesday was our 2 year neurologist visit.  It had been a year since we saw Dr. Janas.  She was happy with Rebekah’s growth.  Her head measurement is 43 cm.  Up 3 since last year.  It is still nowhere near where it should be for someone her age, but it is still growing and keeping that upward curve on the growth chart.  She obviously has brain growth because she is progressing in skill.  Because she has poor sleep patterns, the doctor ordered a sleep study.  Hooray!!  Chris and I are both so tired and some days walk like Zombies!  The doctor said that the involuntary arm movements might be seizure related, and the study should show us some of that.  We will also go for an EEG to measure brain activity and an MRI to measure brain growth.  The MRI will also tell us how the Myelination is developing.  This is an important process for brain-to-muscle commands. A special treat was that Kayla and I got haircuts and then went out for a special pizza dinner with Daddy.  Poor Bekah’s hair just keeps getting curlier and not longer, so no haircut for her (or pizza).  =)

Wednesday, we went to see the eye doctor.  I was worried that I was going to get yelled at for Rebekah not wearing her glasses.  Luckily, he was very understanding and said to just keep trying every once in a while to see if she will realize that they are helping her.  She wears glasses for an astigmatism which makes her vision blurry because of the misshape of her eyes.  He won’t be able to test her vision until she is older.  Rebekah has a 30 degree head shift to the right side and the doctor thinks that she might be favoring her right eye.  So….. we are back to patching!  We did this about a year and a half ago before her surgery.  We are praying this takes care of  the shift and that it will strengthen the left eye so that she won’t have to do surgery again.

Awana has started back and Kayla is now in Sparks.  I can’t believe it!  What a grown up, sweet girl we have.  She is so excited about being back with friends, being in a new class, and especially being with Mr. Rocky!  We will start school with her on the 30th.  She is very excited to be homeschooling and gets excited every time we get a package of new books in the mail!

We thank you for keeping us in your prayers!  Much love and hugs to all our friends and family!

Please pray that:

• Rebekah will be able to sleep for the sleep study.

• Rebekah will leave the patch on her eye so that it can be effective.

• Kayla will enjoy school and excel.


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