Changed Forever

She can’t walk


sit up

or stand.

Can’t wave bye bye

or say my name

But, she has changed me

for the better.

I love stronger

look deeper

sleep less

and pray longer.

I know what I am made of

and know whom I serve.

I smile at the little things

and cry with each advance.

I know what I don’t know

and see now what I haven’t before.

I need help now

and ask for it.

I am changed forever.

She can’t feed herself

or crawl.

Hates the bath

but loves to swim.

She’ll change your outlook with the flash of her smile.

She can pull her glasses off

but can barely hold her own pacifier.

She’s ticklish under her chin

and giggles when we drive over speed bumps.

She has taught me to slow down,

to enjoy the quiet a little more,

to listen to the silence,

and to choose the best option.

My arms are stronger

my knees are weaker.

My back feels broken as well as my heart.

I worry that she isn’t happy enough,

healthy enough,

strong enough,

and smart enough.

Her motivation inspires me

to keep working one more day.

She has changed me forever!

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6 Responses to Changed Forever

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Can i just say I LOVE this!!! Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Leigh Anne says:

    That is so Beautiful Valerie!!

  3. Atlanta Grandma says:

    My baby girl and her two baby girls…. Love you for seeing life’s ups and downs through God’s ALL-Wise eyes!!!

  4. Alycia says:

    Valerie, this is absolutely beautiful. I am weeping with you!

  5. Aunt Jan in Bend, OR says:

    Valerie, where did you learn to write so beautifully? My eyes are brimming with tears and my heart is full. You really ought to think seriously about compiling all your work and publishing an inspirational book to help others. You are just too talented to keep it all to yourself, your family and friends. Uncle Herb and I send our love as always.

  6. Monica says:

    Sums it up wonderfully. Thanks for sharing :)

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