Zombie Mom

I am beginning to feel like Zombie Mom!  Rebekah has been cutting teeth last week and I thought we were through the thick of it… no    such    luck!

She is waking up again at 3 am (hence, the name of this blog).  She is as happy as can be.  Takes her Oragel, snuggles with me and her pacifier for a while and in about an hour and a half is back to sleep.  It is not a terrible time together since she isn’t fussy, but it sure makes it hard to get up at 7 am when the alarm goes off!

So, I will keep doing my nightly regimen of washing my face and weekly microderm abrasion in hopes that my face will not show the wear that I am feeling!

On a happy note – for Kayla – school is back in session so that means that in only a few short weeks, my big girl will be graduating from preschool.  I can not believe how fast she has grown up!  We are working extra hard on attitude and manners right now (more about that later!)

Have a good day or Zombie Mom might come eat your brains!

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