PT Mondays

We have Bekah’s PT at 9:30 every Monday. It is the hardest thing to get up and get going for. I have to have the house in a somewhat presentable state. We, most likely, have been up through the night so I just want to SLEEP. I usually have to wake Rebekah up which makes her cry. I have to give her breakfast before therapy and hope she doesn’t spit it up all over Mrs. Lydia.

On days like this, though, it is well worth getting up! Rebekah did a great job tolerating the handling. Lydia actually stayed overtime and Rebekah only fussed a little bit once. She sat up with assistance and is working hard on her balance in her pelvis. She is wobbly in her hips so it is hard for her to know how far to shift her weight.
She still WILL NOT crawl. Lydia was helping get her legs moving, but Bekah just laid her head down on the floor and dragged it across the blanket. =(
She took a few steps with Lydia today. Her legs are her strongest part and she does well bearing weight there. She still steps one foot in front of the other but may learn eventually to keep her legs apart. So exciting! Lydia wants me to practice this with her every time we head to the table to eat.
I am so thankful for all of Bekah’s helpers. We have OT on Friday so we will see what happens on that front!
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