Bear one another’s burdens

Galatians 6:2 says to help shoulder the burdens of others.

I am finding that the more I focus on others, the less I am focused on myself and my “problems”. The other day at church Pastor Brian talked to us about total dependence and total surrender. He listed a whole big list of things to surrender our rights to ~ including the right to have a pity party. I was fine with the whole list except this one.
When inward focused, it is very easy to see how hard you have it. To begin to question God’s authority in your life. But when we become totally dependent on Him and surrender all of the rights we think we have to Him…we begin to become something beautiful that He can use to help others.
Bearing the burdens of others isn’t easy. You really have to put down the thing you are holding on to have both hands empty. But what a neat position to be in to be able to lift someone else. Have you ever had someone come in and help shoulder your burden? Isn’t it such a hugh relief? Any amount of help is a large help in the person’s eyes who is receiving it!
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