Rebekah Update

We took Rebekah to the Neurologist on Friday and we are so glad we did!

We saw a Doctor we hadn’t seen before and like her. We will most likely stick with her if possible.

She examined Rebekah and said that she saw improvement over what was in her chart from the last visit. What a joy to hear!! Her skull is growing – up to 39 centimeters now which is 15.4 inches.

She also took the time to go over the previous MRI’s and CT’s to see if we had any questions. Also, she answered a whole slew of questions that I had written down.

We asked if her immune system could be at risk from Microcephaly – she said no.
We asked if her small skull cause the smoothness of her brain – she said no, that the skull is small because the brain hasn’t grown like it should.
She said that there is no indication that issues could pop up for Kayla in the future.
She said that if we did want to have more children, a geneticist would be the one to tell us of the chances of future babies having this disease.
She said there is no indication that she has headaches from this.

The metabolic test results were back and everything looked normal. Some of the genetic tests were still out. They will call with results when they come in. We will go back in June for another check up and the doctor still wants to do the MRI in September for comparison.

We had Rebekah’s physical assessment to begin physical therapy scheduled for Wednesday and had to cancel because Rebekah and Kayla both had fevers. I was very disappointed to cancel that appointment because we had been waiting 1 1/2 months to get in the program. They are going to try to reschedule for us. I told our pediatrician about missing the Babies Can’t Wait appointment and she said that she would put in a referral for the Children’s Hospital physical therapy too. She said “No reason why we can’t do both!” Wow – thank you Lord!

Also, when I took the girls to the pediatrician because the fever was not going down, we found out that Kayla had the flu and Rebekah most likely did too. So, we have been resting and drinking lots of fluids! Poor Kayla missed her Resurrection egg hunt at Cubbies and her Easter party at school. Yesterday I had a high fever and the shakes. Chris came home and swooped in to save the day. I went off to bed and didn’t get up until 10 this morning! I haven’t slept that long in a very long time!!

As we were closing out the appointment with the Neurologist, I asked her one last question. I said that with everything I have read on the topic and everyone that I have talked to about Microcephaly, it seems like Rebekah has a fairly mild case. She AGREED with me!! That was very encouraging to hear. We know that every child is different and that we don’t really know what “mild” is for Rebekah, but how exciting!

The Lord also provided a new friend for me through all of this. While I was looking up Microcephaly groups on Facebook, I noticed there was another girl from Atlanta who had a child with Microcephaly. I messaged her and we chatted for quite a while. What a blessing!!

Thank you so much for praying for Rebekah and our family! We know that God has His hand on Rebekah and trust Him fully!

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