Rebekah Update

Praise the Lord ~ ~ ~ We have terrific news!

The nurse for our Neurologist office called me today and said that the CT of Rebekah’s head came back normal. They checked the sutures of the plates and the fontanel and everything looked fine! We were SOOO scared they were going to say she needed surgery!

I told him that we had TONS of questions for a doctor. He looked and the soonest we could get in with any of the seven neurologists was April 3rd. Until then, I am going to continue to write down my questions. If you can think of anything that we aren’t thinking of, please email me! We do not have a doctor assigned to us from the Neurologist office, so please pray that we pick the right one to work with Rebekah!

We are waiting for the results from her Metabolic tests and will go later this week to have more blood drawn for the remaining Metabolic tests and the Genetic testing they want to start. The nurse said it would take about two weeks for us to hear anything back from the blood tests.

We go at the end of this week to the eye doctor to see about her crossed eyes and how they are going to help her with that. Then, the beginning of next week is when we start with Babies Can’t Wait.

We are so happy that little Rebekah does not need surgery at this point! God is obviously at work in her life!! Please continue to pray for her and for Chris and me as we try to understand all of the medical terms and deal with the nurses and doctors!

Rebekah 5 months
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