Pushing and Pulling

Do you know that feeling you get when you are out in the ocean?  Where the waves have full control of your body.  You are pushed and pulled.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Sometimes it’s a gentle pushing.  Sometimes, the pulling is so strong, you begin to struggle against it.  This pushing and pulling moves you.  Intentional or not, you are moved from your place.

I am beginning to see waves of pushing and pulling in my life.  Sometimes gentle and sometimes strong.   I see waves of friends, waves of responsibility, waves of deadlines imposed by others, dinner plans, homeschool plans, blogging goals, family obligations…this list could go on and on.  Many things are pushing and pulling trying to move me.  No, not trying to move me.  They are moving me.  Moving my attention.  What will I let move me?

I have had to learn the important lesson of saying “No”.  I have had some really cool opportunities come my way.  Some of them I have jumped on – not wanting to miss the chance.  Others, I’ve had to step back and regrettably say “No thank you.”.  This lesson is a big life-saver when you are out in the ocean being pushed and pulled.  There are a few things I do before I dip my toes into another piece of ocean.  1) I talk with God about it. Knowing God has a plan for me and that my family comes first in that plan, has a big impact on my life choices. 2) I talk with my husband about it. God gave me a really cool relationship with my husband.  We have become better friends over our fourteen years.  We’ve also become better people, which I think says a lot about our marriage. 3) I seek council from someone I know who is in step with God.  God gave us horizontal relationships here on Earth to encourage, to strengthen, and to correct us.  I have three sisters whom I trust completely and a few friends who fit into this category.

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