Climbing Emotional Mountains

I am guest blogging over at Middle Places today.  I am so excited to share this thought with you.


I’ve been having a hard time this week.

First, because it’s just been a hard week that has followed a hard two months.  We are coming off of the recovery time of Bekah’s surgery, abscess, and C-diff.  Then we had a week back to school and now she’s been home again this whole week with a fever and drippy nose.

And second, because I have been climbing some emotional mountains.  Emotional mountains pop up in front of me in an instant.  Rarely do I see them coming.  Sometimes they take hours to climb and sometimes the climb takes days.

The other day I overheard Kayla say to Rebekah “I can’t wait for you to have babies because then I can be an aunt.  I’m going to be the best aunt ever.”  This both thrilled me and it killed me…   Catch the rest of this blog at Middle Places/Climbing Emotional Mountains.

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