This Spring has brought an overflow of blessings.  I am sitting here physically tired (and I just woke up!) from trying to keep up with God.  He has put His hand on our family and I want to praise Him for it.

Our family is closer knit together than ever before.  This seems like such a small thing; but it is HUGE!  Chris and I have always had a good marriage.  He is kind, hard-working, and loyal.  A wife can hardly ask for more.  Plus, he is a hunkie hunk!  Jackpot! I know!  It just seems to me lately like in our family there is such sweet harmony and cooperation.  While we’ve never been fighters, we are in sync even more now.  Only God can do that and I am so thankful He has chosen to bring us closer.

Kayla is a blessing to me in ways I can’t explain.  She has a very curious mind which questions everything in a learning way.  Sometimes this will push a mama to the edge.  I remind myself often that she is learning and processing every minute of every day.  Right now, she is forming an image of wife, mother, worker, friend, sister, daughter, christian.  Right now, while she watches me, she is seeing what works, what doesn’t, and what we can “get away with”.  Lord, help me be an example of You and Your love.  Kayla has also taught me to be more compassionate – that everything is not black and white.  She is a beautiful picture of accepting others and how to have wide open fun.


Kayla is also gulping in her school work.  She is changing and learning at warp speed.  This school year is so close to being over and it couldn’t have gone better.  Kayla easily picks up concepts that I know I didn’t even begin to learn until I was much older.  My favorite part of her progress this year has been her advances in reading.  She has taken off in this avenue and there’s no stopping her now!  Praise the Lord!

My Bekah is physically getting stronger (PRAISE THE LORD), and is forming some opinions of situations (PRAISE THE LORD), but with these come new challenges.  She is amazingly tall for a three and a half year old.  With her new strength and growing length, she is getting even harder to hold.  With her new formed opinions, she doesn’t always want to be held.  I love changes with Bekah because changes mean progress!


We purchased a new special tomato chair on a ridiculous sale for her after borrowing a chair from school to see how it would work.  She likes to play in the chair and watch some shows with big sister.  Right now, Wonder Pets, and Elmo are her favorites.  It is nice for her to have a chance to be independent from anyone.  We are hoping to build some form of a tray for her with this chair though.  She still needs a little help with keeping toys and being able to play.


Bekah has started with a new occupational therapist.  We go see her at a clinic now and Bekah LOVES it.  She has great equipment that Bekah can learn on and new toys that Bekah has never seen.  So far, Bekah’s favorite activity has been Mrs. Cathy’s swing.  I’ll have to show you some video of this soon!  Mrs. Cathy has a huge bin full of dried beans and uncooked noodles.  Bekah digs and digs in the bin with her feet and hands.  Love it!


Also, Rebekah just got her newest pair of AFO’s.  They are humongous compared to her first pair.  We are back to breaking them in and the process is hard.  Lots of trips to the orthotist to get them fixed up just right.  Bekah’s cute purple butterflies are so cute and girlie.  It’s a nice touch that Jake and the guys do for their patients.


We are digging further into her vision issues.  Everything she does physically is affected by her vision.  She tilts her head and will only perform tasks in certain positions.  We are realizing now, that this could be the key to unlocking some of her physical setbacks.


Speech therapy is going well.  Bekah goes twice a week to Dynamic Therapy and works with Miss Elisabeth.  They are practicing with a Maestro and getting better and better at using it for a communication device.  Bekah’s very own device will be ordered soon and then she will have a tool to communicate all the time.  How exciting!


So many changes.  So much progress.  I am overflowing!

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