After picking up Bekah from school today, I stopped at a neighbor’s house on our road for a photo opportunity.  They have two of these beautiful blooming shrubs in their yard.  I don’t know the family that lives there, but I thought they surely wouldn’t mind us snapping a few pictures of my beautiful girls in front of their beautiful shrubs.


So, I get Bekah out of the car and set her down in Kayla’s lap.  I’m doing my song and dance to make Bekah laugh and look at the camera (you know the happy whistles, tongue clicking, name calling, and finger snapping.), when all of the sudden, Kayla hears a large bumble bee buzzing around her ear.  I don’t know about your kids, but when it comes to bugs, Kayla’s plan of attack is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.  Just as I snapped the picture, she started yelling “Come get Bekah! Come get Bekah! Come get Bekah!”.  So with brows furrowed, hair flying, Bekah’s leaf grabbin’, and bee buzzin’, Kayla nearly chucked Bekah right off her lap and onto the mossy ground.  I tried to settle everyone down and try for one more picture.  Kayla was not having it!  She marched straight for the car because she could see all the other bees now.  I figured this wasn’t a time to negotiate; so we headed home for naps.


Even though this picture didn’t turn out quite how I had imagined in my mind, I am so glad we have it.  You can see in this picture just how very much Bekah adores her sister even if she is completely frozen with fright?!?!




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One Response to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

  1. Atlanta Grandma says:

    HOW BEAUTIFUL — and there are even rhododendrum in the picture too!!!
    Bekah DOES adore Kayla!!!!

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