A Ray of Sunshine

This girl is a joy to be around.  She lights up around family and friends.  She is an entertainer, a playmate, and an inquisitive observer.  Kayla can memorize like you wouldn’t believe, loves to sing, and can put away the clean silverware faster than I can.  She has decided that she wants to be a veterinarian, an orthotist, a special education teacher, an artist, and a mama when she grows up.  She doesn’t shy away from work and jumps up when you ask her to do a favor for you.  She still doesn’t want to go to bed on time, but that’s just because she wants to hang out “just for a little bit longer”.

Kayla drives me to be better; to be my best.  She makes me want to pour into her because I see her potential.  I just can’t wait to watch the journey unfold what God has planned for her.  She has a tender heart for others and is fiercely devoted to her family.

I’m so very thankful the Lord brought her to us and allowed us to be family.  I’ve learned things about myself, about my husband, and about my God, just by being around Kayla. 

In a week she’ll turn seven.  Where has the time gone?  Everyone warned me not to blink my eyes… for time won’t slow down or wait for us.  I clearly remember that sunny Sunday afternoon when I finally held her in my arms for the first time.  She has been a ray of sunshine ever since!

Mama loves you very much Kayla!

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One Response to A Ray of Sunshine

  1. Kelly says:

    I don’t get to read your blog often but when I do I enjoy how you bring your thoughts to paper. I totally agree about Kayla and how much she has brighten my life in her seven years. She is wise beyond her age. I to remember the day she was born the day she was born. Thank you for allowing her to be an important part of our life.
    Happy 7th Birthday Kayla! Love you

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