A monster of a time

Our great friends, the Durbins, invited us to a fun night out.  We headed out to Monster Golf.  For anyone who hasn’t been – – you have to go!  This night, we had the place almost to our self.  Kayla had a blast and Rebekah loved rolling around the course.


Everything is painted to glow in the black light.  We had a great time goofing off and posing for the camera.



We  LOVE – lOvE – LoVe Mrs. Kelly!

Bekah and Chris met a new friend that night.

Mama and her big girl.

Can Kelly make this shot to pull ahead of Rocky?

Chris makes friends easily!

Crazy Sissy!

Go Chris! Go!

Some guy tried to pick up Kelly!

Bekah’s face cracks me up!  She wasn’t scared just excited!

Can you make a hole in one on the last obstacle?

Some creepy new relatives.

OK – Rocky swept the field.

I told you Bekah had a good time!

Kayla won a pirate necklace with her game tickets.

I love this man (isn’t he such a cutie!).

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