Hot Wheels

Rebekah’s wheelchair came!  She really likes it.  I am so glad that now she has a comfy spot to sit, that holds her in the right positions, while Mama does her retail therapy!

Rebekah was helping Mr. David from Mobility Designs figure out all the adjustments.

Can I get in the chair yet?

How do I look Dad??

All the buckles!

Oh good, I can still chew my bibs in this chair.

We   L O V E   it!

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2 Responses to Hot Wheels

  1. Atlanta Grandma says:

    These are just BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! It looks comfortable for Bekah and the driver!! I LOVE that she’s smiling so big by just looking at it and hearing the talking going on too!! Such a sweet baby doll!!!

  2. Anita says:

    I would love it if you would post some baby pictures of her sometime. Those little legs sure have gotten a lot longer. My favorite comment of yours “Oh good, I can still chew my bibs in this chair.” An angel on earth!

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