Rebekah, I love the way…

  • the ticklish spot under your chin is the same as mine.
  • we share the same brown eyes.
  • you hold your breath waiting for sister to kiss your cheek.
  • you like to look at where you have been.  I think this is great because you are coming up to such great things and it’s always great to remember where you are coming from!
  • you’d rather be with me than anyone else in the world.
  • you feel completely at rest when you are asleep.
  • you are motivated to improve.
  • you fight so hard to survive.
  • you enjoy laughing.
  • you look people in the eye.
  • you are so determined.
  • you work toward change every single day.
  • we can communicate without saying a word.
  • you watch your daddy every second he is within your range.
  • even strangers notice how special you are.
  • having you means I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
  • I have grown as a person because I know you.
  • you challenge us.
  • you like music.
  • you like to swim in the pool.
  • you can make all my frustration disappear with one bat of those beautiful lashes.
  • God knew exactly how to complete our family.
  • you are outgrowing your clothes.
  • you are willing to try new things.
  • your sister says you will be best friends forever.

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