Kayla, I love the way…

  • you challenge me every day.
  • your imagination expands before my eyes.
  • you give me that questioning look when you aren’t sure if I am teasing you.
  • you sing at the top of your lungs.
  • you can whistle even without any front teeth.
  • you are learning to sew, play the piano, and enjoy video games with Dad.
  • you get frustrated if you can’t do something “just right”.
  • you enjoy being six even while wishing you were seven.
  • you’ve made it so easy to be a mom.
  • you give your sister respect.
  • you talk to and include everyone you meet.
  • prayers of petition and thanksgiving roll off your tongue.
  • you are interested in ballerinas, soccer, princesses, and monster trucks all at the same time.
  • you have taught me to stop and listen.
  • you are so concerned when you see someone hurt.
  • you rush into your pajamas as soon as we get home.
  • you call for Daddy when you are scared at night.
  • you still believe in mermaids and fairies.
  • you have no regard for time and live in the moment.
  • you can’t decide if you want to be an artist, a teacher, a mommy, or a therapist when you grow up.

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