Red beauties

I participate in a Community Supported Agriculture group that my friend Sasha clued me into.  I love the variety of the foods we get and also the fresh local tastes.  Each Wednesday we pick up our share at a drop off point and discover what we will be eating that week.  We participate from May though the end of the Summer crops.  Our CSA has three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall.  We have had to adjust our eating style a little bit to accommodate for the foods that come in the box and we never know what will show up in a box on any given week.  Both of these we count as positives and not negatives to participating in the CSA.  I highly recommend looking in to a program like this in your area.

Check for a CSA in your area at this link.

Just look at these amazing tomatoes!  We had more than we could eat this week, so I decided to make some tomato sauce with them.  Into the freezer went the sauce and out came whatever we needed for the recipe of the night.



These are just beautiful!




quartered and seeds removed


cooking down


after going through the food processor


6 cups of sauce

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