Snow Day 1/10/11

The snow started falling a couple of hours before bed time last night.  It is always a little magical when the snow is falling!  I love our back woods and the stillness the snow adds to them.  This morning, I was up before the girls and there was not a sound coming from the bedrooms nor the back yard.  Usually the birds beat me up and they are tweeting away on the back deck.

Kayla and I couldn’t resist getting out there and playing today.  We had a great breakfast of cranberry orange muffins and then bundled up to get out in the snow.  Snow angels were first on the list!

Nana sent us a snowman kit a few years ago and this is the first we have been able to use it.  It had a hat, scarf, carrot nose, button eyes, buttons for a smile, a pipe, and a heart.  Kayla insisted that he would need arms and Voila!

What great memories we are creating!  She has been blessed to have snow two years in a row!

Our nice warm home!

Our little 12 year old wanted to play a bit too!

Rebekah got to come outside to watch us play.  She was all cuddly in her new stroller snuggy.  Doesn’t she look like a glow worm?

This girl LOVES her Daddy!

Isn’t he dreamy?

Daddy took us for a ride around town.  Most of Paulding County roads were fabulous!  Thanks PC DOT!

Sister fun!

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