Magic Hands

Why is it that some people have magic hands?  I went for a massage today!  Boy, this lady has magic hands!!

Chris gave me a gift certificate almost a year ago to go have a massage.  Any mom knows that it takes a lot to get a couple hours out of the house.  My sister drove down from South Carolina a couple of days ago so that I could get a little help.  Rebekah has been spending a couple hours two days a week with a friend of ours at her house so that Kayla and I can have some time together.  So this morning, Rebekah went to our girlfriends and Kayla went on a date with Aunt Liana.  Mama had a few hours all to herself.  It was the perfect time to go get that massage.

So, after Yoga class, I went over to the Salon and had a glorious hour of magic hands!  What a treat!  Thank you Chris, Liana, and Kathy for making it happen!

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