A “See ya later” to a friend.

A friend of mine is moving away.  She is very active in her “web community” so I know that I will have a chance to talk with her and keep up to date with what is going on with her and her family.  I still would like to thank her for touching my life in so many ways while God let me be her friend. I believe God brought her and her family to Georgia for specific reasons that touch her life and the lives of those around her.  And, I know that God has very specific reasons for moving them back home.

This is a picture of our MOPS group that has been together in some form for the last six years.

To Sasha, I want to say thanks for:

the many cups of coffee we have shared.

our shared passion for food and the recipe ideas you have sent my way.

the encouragement to open my eyes to the women and specifically the mamas around me.

the easy with which you share your love for God’s word.

the adorable hand-me-downs my girls have enjoyed.

the prayers you have invested in my life.

the open way you share laughter & tears, joy & pain.

I love you and wish you and your family many happy years to come!

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