Savory Waffles – Experiment #1

So there is a restaraunt her in Atlanta that serves Chicken & Waffles.  I have wanted to go for a long time, but haven’t yet – – anyone up for it??

While my Mother-in-Law was here for a visit I borrowed a waffle iron from a friend and haven’t given it back yet.  I was about to return it when I thought of an idea for dinner.  We love breakfast for dinner (Brinner) and I thought I would try a savory version of Brinner.  We decided you can’t really call it Brinner though.  Gonna have to think of a new title for this adventure!

I started with the Bisquick waffle recipe and added from there.

2 C Bisquick

1 1/3 C milk

2 T oil

1 egg

I added minced garlic, salt, ground pepper, and dill.  I dumped them in so I don’t know how much.  It turned out that I could have used more seasoning but I am always scared the I am going to over do it and I always end up under-doing it.

The waffles turned out beautifully.  Crispy and hot.  The dill was very nice.  We are for sure doing this again.

For the topping I started with a rue in a small skillet and a whisk.

2 T butter melting in a skillet

add flour by the teaspoonful until you have a loose paste.  Watch this carefully so that the flour and butter don’t burn…it should be a golden color.

start adding milk slowly (I had some half and half to use up so I used that too) and whisking so that the flour doesn’t clump.

This should turn into a nice cream sauce.  (You can use this base for a lot of things!)

I added to the base some salt, pepper, garlic, dried minced onion, and then a can of white chicken meat.

It was a fabulous meal and it will be great for winter.  Nice and comfy food!  I liked it because I didn’t have to turn on the oven and it went pretty fast too.  Great for all my teacher friends after school one day!

I think we will keep this in the books.  Maybe try some Italian herbs one night and change the sauce…I will keep thinking of variations on this one.  Any suggestions??

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