Rebekah Update 1/2/10

Rebekah is changing every day! How amazing to watch God’s hand move.

First, I want to thank all of you who are praying for us faithfully. God is so good to us! We are, in fact, getting a little bit more sleep lately (because we are letting Bekah sleep with us). Something we said we would never do, but buckled due to exhaustion.
I heard that Bekah is the new little favorite angel of a certain Sunday School class in Florida. Hello to all of you and we are so thankful for your prayers and encouragement!
Rebekah is now 15 months old and has a smile that will light up a room. She is still diligently working in physical and occupational therapy. We have had a couple weeks off from both during the holidays but are ready to start back to our schedule. We will also be adding another occupational therapist who will be working with Bekah once a week on feeding. She will move to speech once the feeding is under control.
We had a swallow study done in December and found out tat because of Bekah’s low tone in her mouth and throat that she was aspirating food every time she ate runny foods. Since she is still on baby foods and milk – – the aspiration was frequent. We were very scared that they were going to put Rebekah on a feeding tube, but were pleasantly surprised when the doctor told us that we could thicken her food and take care of the problem! We go back in April for a check up with him.
We have also seen the eye doctor in December. Her eyes are both working although working independently of one another. It is strange to see her looking at you and then change eyes all of the sudden. =) They still cross every once in a while and the doctor said that he would feel comfortable doing the surgery again. We go in April for another check up and will wait till then to make any decisions on the surgery.
Some big news is that Rebekah was approved for Medicaid. This will be a huge help to us financially. Her therapy alone was coming to $240 a month. This cost and more will now be covered by Medicaid! Praise the Lord!
We got to spend a terrific time in NJ for Thanksgiving and in SC for Christmas. We are glad to be back home and looking forward to what will happen in 2010.
Much love to you and yours!
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