January news

Things are going right along here. Bekah was approved for Medicaid right before Christmas. We are trying to get some old bills submitted for payment. They are supposed to cover things that happened while we were in the application process. Her eye surgery would fall into that time period.
Of course, we are having a hard time getting in touch with our case worker from Medicaid. Chris called and left a message and she never called back. He called the next two days and her voice mail was actually turned off. We just want a few answers about how to use the card and what it applies toward.
We were also able to get on the schedule with the speech therapist. There is only one who works with Babies Can’t Wait for our county. She also works with children with feeding issues and that is what she will be helping Bekah with. They don’t sign children up for speech therapy until they are 2 years old. So Bekah will already be in with this girl for that! Glad for that! The only problem here is that it will add another payment on every week.
We have had some confusing information about the therapy and the medicaid. Some people have told us that medicaid covers everything from now on and some say that it only covers specific things. One of the therapists told us that since Rebekah has insurance and we haven’t used the therapy money from our insurance yet (the therapists aren’t in our Blue Cross network) that Medicaid won’t pay until the insurance money is used up…so confusing. She said that some parents actually take their kids off of the insurance so that medicaid will cover everything.
I wish this wasn’t all such a guessing game.
We were able to get a handicapped parking permit for Bekah this week. This will help so much! She has some strong sensitivity issues to wind. She will choke and gag with any wind in her face. She still does not hold on while you are carrying her and with her 19+ pounds she is getting to be a little to heavy to lug around. Also we have lots of “stuffing” to carry every time we go anywhere with her. She still has to be packed in to sit in any cart or highchair so there are blankets, toys, and chair covers that we have to carry with her. Include a diaper bag and it is almost impossible for me to go anywhere alone with her…not to mention making sure the big sister doesn’t get run over in the parking lot! =)
Rebekah has been working on weight shifting which will help with sitting and standing. With lots of support she can take a few steps. She has been reaching a lot better too. She has an opinion and makes hers known even though she has said any words yet. Her smiles steal my heart every day and I LOVE to hold her after she falls asleep. So sweet!
We are starting our search for what God has in store for Kayla next year with school. Kayla has been in Christian preschool since she was two and has really enjoyed it. She will graduate in mid-May and will start Kindergarten in the Fall. I still remember Miss Bitzer my Kindergarten teacher. (I also remember Joey Litzleman – he was SOOO cute!) Please pray that we can find the right spot for her next year.
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