Fearless Giving

Our pastor has been teaching about being fearless. This week he talked about being fearless in our giving. Even in this economy we can completely trust in our Father that owns the cattle on a thousand hills! He defines generosity as being open-handed. Since we don’t own any of it anyway…being open handed with God’s resources is what He wants.

At the end of the service, Pastor asked us to bring to the stage a generous gift that would bless someone else. There were two large bins on each side of the stage. He asked us to pray about it and to be generous. He then said that after every one was done giving, who ever needed financial assistance could come down to the stage and take whatever amount of money they needed out of the bins.

Chris and I sit toward the front of the auditorium and then endless stream of people giving money and blank checks overwhelmed us. It was hard to even get out into the aisle to make it up front. I was crying! People came to give for about five minutes. Then it was time for people to come get the help they needed. Pastor had to urge people because pride was holding lots of them back. Then it happened…people started cheering and clapping. Couples came, single moms came, young people came. People were crying, others were helping those around them who didn’t have the strength to come down by themselves. It was a beautiful picture of the church working together as the Lord has laid out in scripture to help those who are hurting.

Last night at Journey Group we heard a first hand account of a lady who received $650 – – the amount that her ex-husband was previously paying in child support but has been neglecting to do so.

God is amazing and has a specific plan for us and for the finances He has given us to manage.

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