You are Fabulous – Or as Kayla says, Fab-Lee-Ous

From the moment Kayla was born, we were telling her how beautiful she was. Is it any wonder that she has the best self-esteem of anyone that I know. Never once has she said, “I am not sure about this outfit…let me go change really quick.” Me on the other hand…..

Somewhere our outlook of ourselves changes. We become critical and overly attentive to what others are thinking (or not thinking) of us.

I can remember the day like it was yesterday. My sisters and I went to a Christian school and they had just changed the dress code to include jeans. Until then we had to wear dresses, skirts, or pants. Jeans were a really big deal and I asked my mom for a pair. Money wasn’t growing on trees for us, in fact, my mom was working two jobs just to keep us in Christian school. So I was allowed one pair of jeans.

I wore these jeans every chance I got…in fact I would wear them several days a week – even days in a row. We were standing outside of our classroom at our lockers when I heard Adam’s voice as clear as a bell saying, “Aren’t those the same jeans you have been wearing every day this week?” It seemed as though every sound but his voice faded away into some sort of sound vacuum. All eyes were on me (not sure if this is true, but it sure felt like it). I just wanted to melt into the floor. It is all a blur of what happened next; but I use this illustration to help me remember how powerful words are and how silly it is to put stock into what others think of me.

Words are a powerful tool. One that can be used as a gift, as a bulldozer, or even a salve. I pray that I will remember to use my words in such a way that will make others comfortable around me to be totally and completely who they are. That they will not worry about me forming opinions but only the opinion of the One who really matters.

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