Rebekah Update

We are so thankful for our sweet little Rebekah who keeps us on our toes every minute!! =)

Rebekah was scheduled to have her crossed eyes uncrossed this Thursday (already rescheduled from 3 weeks ago). Well…last week Kayla came home from her first week back to school with a little cold. The two are inseparable, so of course, Rebekah is sick now. – – Drippy nose and slight fever.

We had a pre-op visit with our Pediatrician scheduled today and he said he does not want us to do the surgery on Thursday. Dr. Kim is VERY cautious about everything and really tries to get ahead of things. We have been very thankful for him! She has some wheezing in her lungs and since she would be completely knocked out for the surgery it is not an ideal situation.

We got to talk about a lot of other things too. He was excited about her progress with the OT and the PT. She was very happy and playing with some toys on her lap for him!

She is eating cereal, fruits and veggies right now. He wants us to hold off on meats for now, but said that we could switch over to whole milk from formula when she turns one. Hooray!!

She has a ridge on her forehead that goes on to the top of her head. This is something new that we noticed and just as a precaution he is sending us to visit with a Neurosurgeon (someone who sees these every day and can better determine if there is anything to look in to).

Thanks for keeping our family in your prayers. We have a few goals for the very near future – – 1) Rebekah needs to learn to roll from her tummy to her back, 2) Rebekah needs to learn to fall asleep in her bed. (I kind of think these two are linked together because she gets over on her tummy and squirms around in her bed getting all worked up).

We will be rescheduling the surgery and will let you know about the new date.

We love you and need you!

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