Rebekah Update

Happy 10 months Bekah!

There have been so many advancements in the last month for sweet little Rebekah!

We are so thankful to our Lord for placing in our lives so many people who love and pray for Rebekah daily.

Rebekah has been responding very well to physical therapy. She is trying to sit up from laying down (with no success – – but the desire is there!). She can sit supported and hold her head steady! What progress.

Occupational therapy is doing so much better too! Rebekah was not able to tolerate an hour, just a few weeks ago. She is now doing a whole hour and making lots of progress. Her shoulders are very weak, but she is using her hands to grasp and bat at toys. She will hold a toy at mid-line for a few seconds. Amazing!

She has been having some issues sleeping; but because of that, Mama is getting a lot of laundry done. =)

Rebekah loves Kayla and lights up when she comes around. Kayla is very sweet to Rebekah and spends lots of time with her. She likes to hold her until she gets “too wiggly!”

We have eye surgery scheduled for August 6th to reposition her eyes. The PT and OT are hopeful that once the eyes are fixed, the hand coordination and rolling from tummy to back with come faster.

She really is a happy baby and gives us smiles all the time. She is cooing a lot and starting to add consonants every once in a while.

Thank you for keeping us before the Lord who is in and over all things. We need your prayers and are so thankful for your love!

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