Rebekah Update

Hello Friends and Family!

We have had some exciting days with Rebekah here lately!

She has been improving by leaps and bounds! We have a high chair for her now and she is eating some cereal every morning. Her tongue thrusts out quite a bit still so Mama gets a good bit of the cereal back. =) Since she has started the cereal we have been able to cut WAY BACK on her reflux med. She was taking 1 ml three times a day – quite a lot for a little girl, but now it seems like she needs it only occasionally. So instead of giving it to her by the clock, we give it to her only when she absolutely needs it.

We had our check-up at the Neurologist. Rebekah’s head circumference is up to 40 cm and is still on a growing curve, albeit below the growth chart for her age. We will go back in October/November for another check-up and have her one year MRI in September to check for progress.

We also have been to the Ophthalmologist to re-check Bekah’s eyes. I was concerned because her right eye that we have been patching was starting to turn in. I was worried that we were damaging that eye. The doctor said that while we don’t want that eye to turn in, it was a good indication that the brain was using her left eye that it was formerly ignoring. He said that now was a good time to think about surgery to straighten the muscles that control the eye movement. We will probably schedule a time for late July.

Rebekah’s been coming along nicely with the therapy. Our occupational therapist has changed us to morning instead of afternoon and Rebekah tolerates the work much better at our new time. She is starting to hold blocks/balls for short periods of time and can sit up with help. She still will not roll from tummy to her back.

We have three teeth now and one more on the top is coming soon! This makes for late nights and early mornings. This makes me realize how old she is getting! When I feed her the cereal, she likes to bite the spoon. I remember Kayla doing that too! Such personality!!

Rebekah has been such a gift of joy in our lives. The smiles she gives us are confirmation that she feels loved and loves us. Please thank the Lord for the work He is doing in our family and continue to pray for progress!

We love you and appreciate all of your support!

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