Rebekah Update

Hi everyone!! I have some happy news!! Rebekah is doing so well. Since she started rolling over on April 26th, she has been improving every day!

The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy has started and both are very optimistic about Rebekah. They have set goals for her and we are working with her. She has started rolling to the left and paying more attention to that side of her body. She has started reaching toward things with intent and voicing opinions about things. Lydia, our PT. told me yesterday that she can see that Rebekah is thinking about things and trying to figure them out. Sadly, she said that is not always the case. I just about cried when she said that!!

We are going to get a highchair soon (hopefully this week) so that she can sit at the table with us and participate while we have our family dinner. She is still not having any soft or sold foods but makes it clear that she wants to be with us at the table.

I had the exer-saucer out today for a second try – She stayed in for about an hour and was happy and bouncing and hitting the toys to make it play the sounds. Last time she screamed and flopped around in the seat.

All these things are sooo encouraging to us! Please continue to pray for Rebekah and her doctors. Dr. Janas – Neurologist, Dr. Kim – Pediatrician, Dr. Greenberg – Ophthalmologist, Lydia – PT, Stephanie – OT.

We love you and are so thankful to the Lord for allowing us to have friends and family like you!!
Happy Bekah
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